Too Busy For Words!

I have had a really productive week so far! I've made 3 1/2 more scarflettes (or neckwarmers) like my gren one. I'll post photos when we actally get around to taking photos! Also I'v been exploring my art and where i want it to go. I was heading in this certain direction, but was feeling a bit lost and the i discovered something called "steampunk". it is a sci-fi type of art that takes place in victorian times and steam is the main power of things. bt it's a lot more complicated than that. anyways i realized that i've always liked steampunk realted stuff ( like city of lost children, gears, planes, etc.) and now i know hwere i want to take my art! is i've started sketching and coming up with some brilliant plans! i will have to see how this all pans out! Oh and good news! my crochet sculture is FINALLY dry and fairly stiff! now i just have to paint it a bit more and laquer it, then phtograph the finished results! i have another crochet sculpture that i am about to start, however it doesn't need to be stiff, so that's a relief! Oh and today i made a cute set for chels's friend who is having a baby soon. the little character is a rattle! i made a set like this before, only in navy and cream! Oh and I finished my painting for the birthday party tomorrow! what will i be up to next? no idea!!!