List Making

A few weeks ago I decided that the act of list making was taking away from the actual things I wanted to accomplish on said lists. So I stopped writing lists all toegther! I have since realized that was a big no-no for me! I forgot about all the prjects I had started and began new ones! So now I am back to list making and more than that ....... organizing and getting rid of some stuff! I am selling my PEZ collection, minus a few I simply must keep! I've totally reorganized my desk; even making a drawer divider for all my small desk items. Also I get Cory and myself to go through all our DVD's and get rid of 1/3 of them!! To help me oragnize little things I've put up a bulliton board. I've dedicated one area of the board to "This Weeks' Goal". Seeing my weekly goal written down will keep me focused. This week's goal is : "Purge and Oragnize everything you own BEFORE you purchase anything new!" So no more buying things!! I have a lot of organizing to do! And what I've gotten rid of so far makes me feel great! So yesterday and today I haven't done any projects. It's kind of a nice break. Though through all this organizing, I've discovered so many new ways I want to improve our house!! One day I'll get there! Alright off to do some more organizing!