New Art Endeavors!

In the begining of March I am going, with Jackson, to meet a fantastic artist! He has a studio downtown for his crochet and knotted sculptures! We are going down to check out his work and talk about the worl of fiber art! i have to finish some peices and take photos so i can show him my work .... if he wants to see it! Mostly though we are going to check out his stuff! I'm really looking forward to it. here is his site:

My new fabric came a few days ago ..... Retro Rocket Rascals! I am thinking of making a quilt of jack's new bed, but am nervous as i've never quilted before!! My grandmother and aunt bot quilt so maybe they will have some advice. I already got some great advice from the ladies at knitting last night!


it seems that finding daycare is quite hard in this city! i have been on the waitlist for a very long time at many daycare centres and still have not found anything. i'm starting to look for family care instead of a daycare, though that makes me nervous! i just can't imagine letting my wee one go. it would only be for one day, but still....... it's hard! i did some more lino carvings last night and finished up another bowling for bunnies set. the rest of the week i am going to concentrate on art!

More Art, Less Craft

well not entirely true! I have been painting and am working on a small series right now. not sure of the titel yet, but when they are finished i'll know! i also found some resin and mold making stuf so will experiment with that in the coming weeks! i've ound some neat jewelry to make molds from! I'm working an a gorgeous set of sage and cream bowling for bunies set as well as the final draft of the pattern! My testers are hard at work making sure it's right. I've been doing a lot of family stuff this weekend and like last weekend will be doing a couple haircuts. I enjoy doing hair still, and it pretty well pays for any craft stuff that i buy during the week.... tried to post a photo, but didn't work!!!

Team Player

I've never been much a team player or a joiner, hoever I've joined some street teams on etsy to help promote my shop. There is one in particular that I'm excited about and it' called Etsy for Animals . I'll be donating some items as well as portions of my sales to local animal charities. The two that I have chosen so far are Project Seahorse and Wild Arc. It really feels good to be donating, it's been too long! I'l be working on projects and posting some photos ths weekend!

Hot Topic

Yay!!! My bowling bunnies are on the front page of craftster right now in the "Hot New Projects" section!! Oh and a junior highschool friend of mine bought a set of my t.v. notecards!! Off to the post office again. Yesterday I was at the post office mailing my red nana bunny off to a women with whom i traded for one of her gorgeous necklaces ..... i'll post the necklace and link to her site once I get the necklace. Great day today!

First Feature Shop

I've decided to start featuring shops and items from Etsy that I like or have purchased things from!

I've been really into jewelry lately (jack doesn't rip necklaces of my neck anymore!) and have found quite a few things I like on Etsy. In January I ordered a beautiful charm necklace from ClayFaery. She custom made the necklace for me combining two bracelets that I fell in love with.

Her shop is

I get so many compliments on the necklace she made, it's fantastic!

The Other Side

I'v been doing quite well keeping up with listing things on my etsy shop and now have to start advertising! I am joining some online groups that prmote your shop for you and also doing some posting on various websites I really don't know what I am doing, but have plunged in head first! I am going t have to take a break from creating etsy stuff and concentrate on my art as the deadline for the april show is approaching! I've finished the crochet part of my sculpture, now just have to stiffen it and make it stand on it's own! Alright tme to get off the computer and get at 'er! Oh here are my new cute toys! Bunny Bowling!

Away From Home

I'm at my mom's right now and will be until the end of the week. It's nice and relaxing up here, except for the fact that my son decided that 5:30am is a great time to start the day! I'm sleeping in the same room as him so I can't just let him do his thing until 6:30 like I would at home. But today he stayed in his crib until 6:15, even though he was babbling the whole time. So today he's a bit more on schedule with meals and naps. I've brought three projects with me to work on.

1: ABC Art poster
2: Crochet Sculpture
3: Swirl Baby blanket

I've got 2 swirls done of the 13 I need to complete, but have misplaced my tapestry needle, so won't be assembling the blanket this week. I'm making the most progress on my sculpture, which I'm happy about. It's a very relaxing almost zen-like process, so it's the most enjoyable. I have done 4 layers and am working on the fifth. In total i think there are going to be six or seven layers so I'm almost done. When I get home I'll stiffen the layers and put it all together and it'll be complete! I've got an end of the month deadline for 3 art projects and the sculpture is the only one even close to being completed! The ABC art poster is coming along. I've figured out what to put on each square and penned the lettering, now i just have to draw all the images and paint them. Tonight I won't have time to work on anything as I'm joining a friend for her prenatal class. That should be a strange, but interesting experience! On Thursday Jackson is taking myself, mom and my friend out for dinner for Valentine's day! We'll be home in time for his bath/bedtime, so I'll hopefully get most of my projects finished that night.

Being away from home always makes me think of how much i need to do when i get home. I really want to focus on decorating the main living/dining area when i return. I've got a list of projects for the dining room and i won't have to buy anything for them! I'm trying really hard not to purchase craft/art stuff this month. So far i've done very well. I did buy some material, but i'd actually purchased it last month, the order just didn't go through properly so I had to re-order in the beginning of me "no shopping" month. So I don't think that really counts! Alright the wee one is asleep, time to craft!


I love lino carving, i really forgot how much i love it! Yesterday I decidedto alter some photos i had taken of my heartfelt critters. They looked really good as flat black and white images so i carved them up on lino and printed off some notecard sets! i plan on doing a few different sets. This first one is calle the Heartelt Critter Collection. So far I've only cared 2 stamps, but will do more, maybe in a couple weeks. I'm going away for a week, starting tomorrowso won't be doing much crafting. I am hoping to get some work done on my newest crochet sculpture! I had to scrap the first one I id, but here is a photo of the direction it was heading in!

Working Even When ill

I've completed a few projects this week, more than I thought I would! I've got one heartfelt finished and another that just needs it's limbs attached! Also I've made two toddler scarflettes and for my personal project I've FINALLY made a case for my crochet hooks!! I seem to be on a blue and green kick!