Some Things Done, Some About to Begin!

I have a lot of projects I want to make for the upcoming UK trip. I'd love a sleep mask, a passport cover, and a large stylis htravel bag. I already have the fabric for the bag, now just need to work on a pattern! I have competed a few projects this week as well! Here are photos of my latest crochet sculpture! It's also a working light! I've submitted three pieces to the gallery and hope that I'll get at least one crochet piece in there. My friend had her baby early, so I have to get going on her baby shower gifts. I also have a few birthdays coming up in April. My mom's gift is something that I started last year, intended for her previous birthday! I hope I can get it done in time! On another note poor Jack and I are sick again. Jackson is not napping or sleeping well. In fact we've been sleeping with him at night, otherwise he wakes up every hour screaming. *sigh* I don't think I'm going to get much one today!

Off We Go!!

In May we're going to London and Scotland!!! I can't wait! I have a number of items to craft for the trip! I've been busy working on my crochet sculptures as of late and starting a couple of commision things! After I finish all this crochetting I am getting back to sewing! I really enjoyed it, the last time around!

Artist Trading Cards!

I've finished my first set of artist trading cards! Ive been wanting to get into this relm for a while now. I did a swap on and the theme was ABC. So I've done one card for each letter and sent each card to a different person. I'll be receiving three different cards from three different people as well. I hope to participate in the whole alphabet swaps as they occur so I have a full set! For "A" I used a photo that the recipient liked. For "B" I chose an art nouveau feel and for "C" I did a cool collage! It was lots of fun and I was able to complete them in one night!

Finished Paintings!

This feels so good!! It's been almost a year since I've completed a painting. I almost forgot what it feels like! It's an amazing, releasing experience. I always know when a painting is done because i don't feel as attatched to it. I figure when it's complete there are no pieces of it left in me, so it's released for good! So here are my paintings! the first three are part of a series i am working on and the last one is for the gallery! oh and the last is of my assistant!

My New Bag

So I started out making this bag for someone, but I realized that it was far too small, so now it's all mine , mwahahaha! I love it and can't wait to use it this weekend..... oh this weekend! Chels, Mom and I are going to Vancouver for the weekend! Can't wait to have this little break! Tonight I finished three paintings! I'll take photos tomorrow and post! I'm really proud of them!

Taking it Easy

This has been a pretty good week so far! I haven't really been doing any crafts or art. It's a nice change. I did do the punk bunny stamp, but that's about it! Today Cory assembled the shelving unit in Jacks' closet and then we all organized and purged in the garage. Now we have a rug and counch in the garage! It's a nice hang out spot, just needs a coat of paint and it'll be perfect! Tonight I'm going out with my sister and some friends .... something I rarely do! Then (hopefully) tommorrow I'll be getting a haircut! I'm going for a Louise Brooks bob I think! Before I go out tonight I might chop my fringe as it's down to my lips! Yesterday I bought some fabric to finish up and start a couple projects! I'm making a super cute ruffled apron or my sister, starting on the day of the dead table runners and finally getting to the old school tattoo diaper bag! I'm really excited about the diaper bag because it's a neat shape for a diaper bag! I'll post pictures as I go along. So it sounds like I'm taking a break from crochet stuff and heading into the sewing world! It's been far too long!

Lino Printing Instructions

Printing Instructions

Materials Required:

Speedball Water Soluble Ink

Speedball Roller


Lino Carving

Shiny Cardboard (such as a cereal box) or plate of flat glass (from a picture frame)

Before you start make sure that your lino carving is clean and dry.

Step One:

Place a small amount of ink on the center of your cardboard or glass

Step Two:

Place the roller on the ink and roll vertically as well as horizontally, spreading the ink so it is as wide as the roller is. Continue rolling until the ink on your cardboard/glass looks like an orange peel

Step Three:

Immediately roll the ink onto your block (ink can dry fast depending on temperature).so that all the raised areas are thoroughly coated with ink.

Step Four:

There are two ways of pulling a print now. The first one is as follows- Place paper on table and flip lino carving over so ink side is facing down. Place the lino carving on the paper and press down evenly without shifting the carving (otherwise it causes smudging). To remove lino carving from paper. Hold the edges of the paper with one hand and pull lino carving up without shifting.

The second is as follows – Leave you lino carving with the ink facing you. Place your paper on the lino carving and press down, evenly and firmly without shifting the paper or bending the edges over the lino carving. I use the back of a large spoon for this method. Carefully peel the paper off the lino carving, without shifting.

You may need to do a few pulls before you get the right amount of ink and pressure when printing. Re ink your lino carving for each pull. When adding more ink to your cardboard/glass add a very small amount, so you maintain that orange peel texture.

Happy Printing!

A Home For A Bunny

This cute bunny is being sent far away! A woman commisioned me to do a handmade stamp of her punk rock crochet bunny! I think it turned out great, and was a lovely challenge! I'm also working on some great projects for a "Birds are Beautiful" swap! So exciting!

Is This It?

Okay so I've decided that in two weeks I have to get my tatto finished! I've got two bluebirds on my lower back that have been colorless for EIGHT years!!! What happened was that I had the appointment booked years and years ago to get the color work done, but when I went in the tattoo artist was ill, and I never rebooked the appointment! So here is what the little guys will look like soon! Mine don't have the crown as I didn't like it back then, but now I really like it, so hopefully he can add it on!

Crochet Sculpture #2

So here is my second attempt as crochet scultpure work! This one is for the gallery that is having it's next show in April! The theme is "Illumination" so I made this one look sort of like a hanging lamp! I crochet each layer, stiffened them and then strung them together. The sculpture's "arms" don't stick out as much as I'd like so I am going to have to add some supports. Other than that I am pretty happy with it! The sculpture is even reversable!