My New Projects!

So here are my two newest projects that i've completed! I love the birthday collage a lot! This was my first time taking collage seriously, and it was great fun! I finally figured out a good way to incorperate crochet into my paintings as well! I glued the fancy paper i used for the branches, on the sides, so i don't have to frame it! The next project is my first pull toy, though sadly he doesn't actually have working wheels ( i plan to work on that!). He was a lot of work, but well worth it! I've decided to sell him on my etsy shop as a decorative item. also i am thinking of dropping the whole "Jack-A-Ruu" name and just putting all my creations under "Homespun Sun" . I think it might get too complicated having two business names! What does everyone think of that??

-ooooh i just got my new amigurumi book in the mail today!! so you'll be seeing some cute critters soon!


hi that is great collage. i enlarged it to see the great detail. i like the name jackaruu. homespun suggests that you spin your own wool.

oh it is me LindaMOM

thanks! gald you like the collage!