finishing up

i'm finishing up a lot of my october projects already! I've completed the black apple dolls (pics soon!) and almost finished the baby blanket. I have to make a couple small things for 2 of the halloween costumes and design and sew mine. I have this weekend and next to finish everything up, so hopefully I'll get it all done! I have been feeling under the weather lately, and thought I was getting better until this morning...... so not sure what this weekend will hold for me!

Sewing Up a Storm!

I've spend two hours today sewing dolls for a trade. The pattern is fairly simple, but the tricky part is turning the dolls the right way after sewing. I added a lot of extra fabric, so my little creation got stuck in a very funny position! the first photo is my doll, half turned and the second photo is of what the doll will look like eventually. Here is a link to the pattern:

Black Apple Doll

The List

I seem to have lost my list on ongoing projects, so here is a quick run down of what I'm working on. It feels good to be back crafting as I'm feeling better!

black apple doll swap
baby blanket
toys for craft fair
halloween costumes (3 of them!)

everything except the toys, have a deadline in October, so I'm working hard to get everything finished on time! I'm especially excited about halloween!!!