A Few Projects Here

It looks as though I have completed quite a few things lately so I best be posting photos! All of the projects are from the Rockabilly Swap that I just finished. The bird skeleton necklace is something I am doing for my etsy shop. I'll post photos of other things as soon as Jack and I are finished playing in the sandbox!! It's too nice a day to be inside !

Whirl Wind

I have been caught up in a great whirl wind of activity! I was in Nanaimo the weekend before last, then spent most of last week in Vancouver. This weekend I was busy working on stuff for one of my swaps and making things for our upcoming trip. The trip to the UK is coming so much faster than I imagined! I have almost finished my GIANT carry on bag and completed one sleep mask for myself. I've cut out the fabric for Jack's passport cover and hope to get that done this week. We have been having a great time together as a little family, it's so great how capable Jackson is now! We have also run into some more terrible temper tantrums though. On Granville Island Jack had a flailing, screaming, running fit that lasted for over 10 minutes ...... it was scarey as I was by myself and the only way off the island was by the slly little boats that run there. I felt helpless and very trapped, something I haven't ever felt! Motherhood sure is a ride!

Another One

I've joing ANOTHER swap ... i just couldn't help myself! It's a skull/skeleton swap. I am doing a day of the dead theme for my dining room so it's perfect! Here are some pics I found!

The Other Presents!

So I completed the other presents for my friend and her wee one. (The tattoo diaper bag was one of the gifts) So here are the other two! The bonnet was a hit, but some of the great grandmas were a bit shocked i think! The family had a good little weekend in Nanaimo and are heading off to Vancouver tommorrow, for a few days! I'm hoping to get some stuff at Dressew ..... my favorite store in the world! Other than that we'll just be hanging out with Cory's cousin and toodling around town!

The Results

So I got a lot done when Jackson was in daycare! I finished a daiper bag, the swirl baby blanket and cut out a cape pattern for myself! I decided to put piping on the bag and it turned out fantastic, though it was harder than I thought! Here are photos of the bag and blanket! Also I'm doing two more projects for the baby shower, one which is cuper cute!! ack had a great day at daycare and was a little angel the next day! He's doing pretty well today aslo! I decided to sign up for another swap .... it's a smaller swap than the bird swap i did. It a rockabilly theme .... so excited about it! I am still waiting on my package from the bird swap! Oh I got all my cards from the ATC ABC swap and will have to post soon! OK off to crochet some more!


So tomorrow is my first day off. Jack is gong to daycare and it's exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! I hav a million things i want to get done of course, but I have decided that i need to establish some sort of order for all my to-do's. I have a lot of housework to do, so i am going to try to do that first thing, so i don't get caught up doing crafts all day! In the afternoon I plan to do the baby shower gifts and finish off some birthday presents. Also I've been drawing as of late ( i'll post photos soon) so hope to get some of that in too. yikes! so much to do! Alright the wee one is in bed, time to get some "me" time in before the ful day of "me" time tomorrow!!!!!!

More Completed!

I finished these cute owls for a friend and their off to the post office tommorrow. Tonight I'm working on my mom's birthday presetn and maybe a small personal project! Also I have another birthday present in the works! I love birthdays!! Poor Jack is still quite sick, but today was definately better than yesterday. Only five more days until my FULL DAY of freedom!