So Many Things Accomplished!

I am so happy with how this weekend has been going! I am putting the finishing touches on 2 major projects! One is my prototype pull toy that is also going to be a gift for my friend's new baby boy! The second project is my birthday collage for my friend's daughter's first birthday! It's too late to take photos, so I'll add more tomorrow. Also Chels finished my banner for my etsy store! Next week I thnk we may be going up to TNM, which will be a much deserved break! I've promised Cory that there will be no yarn on the trip! I feel like a need a vacation from crafting after all the xmas gifts and now the business beginings! Two new projects that I hope to start next week are making a mexican day of the dead diorama and also venturing into the realm of resin casting! I've been wanting to make a diorama for a few years now, so that will be fullfilling. The resin is a new craft inspired by the many postings on craftster! Alright time to finish cleaning up and head to bed, and the best part is that it's my turn to sleep in tomorrow morning!!!