Skull Swap Done!

I sent off my package for the skull swap I was doing and my partner has received it, so here's what I made her:
a bag, 2 necklaces, a hat for baby, a dread beanie fore her, skull alphabet magnets, day of the dead notecards, and a polkadt/skull bib! I do hope she liked it all! I'm excited to get my package!

Front Page!!!

Oh my GWAAAAD~ my retro t.v. set notecards is going to at some point be on the front page of etsy!! A lovely person listed it in their treasury! Here is a link to the list:

how exciting is that?!?!


I am torn in a lot of different directions right now. I want to spend less time crafting, but i love it so much. why do i want to spend less time crafting? because it's summer and i can live outside most of the day!! cory and i are getting our garden in order and spending a lot of time at the beach. I still have quite a few projects that i MUST finish for birthdays and what not. Also I have quite a few craft swaps on the go! I really need to update my progress bar on this site! I'm finishing up the rockabilly swap monday and also a birthday present for a friend's daughter. After that I have a shrink plastic swap, and a 50's B-Movie swap going on! Not to mention my son's birthday and about 3 other kid's birthdays! So I have to get my butt in gear and do some crafting!! I have promised my husband no more swaps this summer (except the alphabet ATC's as it's a series!) so that will put an end to much of my crafting. Alright off to finish a bag or two! oh and if you are loking for my mommy blog:

Tanya's Adventures in Mommyland


I'm cheating on my craft blog and writing in my mommy blog again! It feels good!

So here is everything we did:

May 7th, Wednesday: Arrived at hotel, went for a long walk around neighborhood. Found great french deli and bakery. Went to the Natural History Museum (where they have dinosaur skeletons!)

May 8th, Thursday: Woke up feeling a bit il. Jack got sick on Cory at breakfast, cleaned up and met cory's cousin and daughter at Hyde Park. Returned to hotel. I started to get sick. Cry and Jack went ot Science museum while I slept. They returned and we took me to the hospital. Got back to hote very late!

May 9th, Friday: Moved hotels to Trafalgar Square. Went to Camden Lock Market, went to Piccadilly Circus and Carnaby Street

May 10th, Saturday: Walked to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. Walked to London Eye and saw the 4 hour line-up. Walked across bridge to Big Ben and Houses of Parliment. Walked along South Bank to Tate Modern. Walked to St. Paul's and along various streets back to trafalgar square. Had dinner then hung out at Trafalgar Square.

May 11th, Sunday: Took bus to car rental place by Hyde Park and drove from London to Dumfries, stopping at varous places along the way (a 7 hour journey).

May 12th, Monday: Relaxed at Nana's, walked into town of Dumfries and went to Robert the Bruce Pub for lunch.

May 13th, Tuesday: Took scenic drive back to England and the Lake District. Visited Windemere and the Beatrix Potter Attraction. Took a different scenic route back to Nana's.

May 14th, Wednesday: Toured around with the realatives and went to Sweetheart Abby, tea, lunch at an icecream dairy farm (saw highland cows), then off to Caverlock Castle. Got a guided tour of Dumfries and surrounding areas. Discovered Belted Galloway Cows!

May 15th, Thursday: Met realatives for pancake lunch then wandered about town. Nana looked after Jack while Cory and I went out for our anniversary dinner.

May 16th, Friday: Got up early and went for a scenic drive to the seaside. Stopped at Sandyhill to play on the beach and Castle Douglas for lunch at the Mad Hatter cafe. Drove on to Threaves Castle, with a 3/4 mile walk as small boat ride to the castle. Came back to Nana's then went back to the icecream dairyfarm (there was a massive indoor and outdoor play area for jack ..... it wasn't JUST about the ice cream!)

May 17th, Saturday: Left for Edinburgh and spend a few hours dhopping and touring Edinburgh Castle. Drove on to Glasgow and did a bit more shopping.

May 18th, Sunday: Hopped on a plane home!

We're Back!

I tried to blog a couple of times while we were in the UK, to no avail. So here we are back at home! Nice and early too! I am getting al the photos from our camera, onto the computer right now, so tommorrow I'll post photos! We are pretty tired, but happily made our connecting flight from vancouver to victoria! If we had missed the flight we would be taking the ferry and not getting in until late this evening. So we had a great time. London was overwhelming and I got sick (food poisoning i think) and ended up in the hospital, due to not being able to keep anything down and feinting. London was realy hot and humid and our room was a bit dank and had no air-con, so we boiled! Even though I was out of commision for a good while we managed to see and do A LOT in London. Oh and the same day that I got sick jack got sick too. At the breakfast buffet in our hotel, he threw up al over Cory ..... terrible! But after that Jack was better. Our second hotel in London was much better and in a better location, so that half of the experience was better! We drove from London all the way to Dumfries (where my Nana lives) in just one day! We'd planned to stop in or near Manchester, but decided to keep going as Jack was being quite good in the car. Oh and they upgraded our rental car so we got a very nice Vauxhall Zafia! We took it pretty easy the first couple days in Dumfries, but after that went out on lots of adventures to castles, farms and many pubs! It was so nice to stay with my Nana, and feel relaxed and comfortable! I have so much more to say, but my hands are sore from typing so I'll write more tommorrow! Take care!

Flying Star Toys

I spotted this on Esty the other day and had to share it with everyone! It's a hanging fish mobile! So cute. It's from the shop: . Jack wants a fish themed birthday party and this would be perfect!

A Change?

I think I need a change. I'm wanting to get back to my roots, of art instead of cute crochet goodies. Not that I don't like making cute little critters, just that I feel I have more to give. I've been doing a lot of admiring on etsy and found quite a few shops I love. I am going to be featuring the first shop starting tommorrow. I plan to feature one shop a week. Tonight I will be busy putting the finishing touches on my bee bag and doing some much needed relaxing! Tommorrow plan to just hang out with the family and prepare for our trip. It's hard doing these relaxing things when I have so much creative energy bursting around, but I really do need to take it easy before our big journey!