Wrapping It Up

I have finished a number of projects ..... one of which I can't post here as the person who it's for lurks around here! I will soon be posting photos of my progress on Jack's quilt, the 50's B Movie Swap stuff and a cute dress I made for a hair show last night. Maybe I'll even post some hair photos! Right now i am up island so can't really download anything! Soon though, I promise! I am trying to wrap up a number of craft related projects I have on the go, so I can concentrate on my art career a bit more. It's time to take that more seriously I think!

The BIG Project

Our garden seems to be our biggest project ever! It will be going on for some time i think! If we had a truck there would be a lot more done! Tomorrow is Jack's Birthday BBQ and lots of people will be seeing our yard, so we worked very hard today and got a lot done! Here are some photos!

In the Works

So many projects on the go! And so little time! I'm finishedthe banner for Jack's birthday, so when it's up I'll take some photos. In the mean time here are some other projects on the go! The last wo photos are for swaps so if you are my SWAP PARTNER, DON'T LOOK!!

the fabric for jack's quilt!

the dress my sister is sewing .... i am teaching her how to sew!

GHI ATC Swap Cards!

Frankenstein Bag and Frankenstein Carving

sorry blogger is turning all my photos sideways for some reason!!!

Lots of New Things Going On!

I'm so busy I don't have time to even take photos! I am working on a baner for my son's 2nd birthday and have now finished the skimboard bag (photos soon!). The family and I went camping this past weekend for father's day so didn't get any crafting done of course! After i finish the banner I am going to do a quick set of drapes for a friend, then finish up some swaps! I have great ideas for my GHI ATCs! Can't wait to get going on those! Alright gotta clean and get the house in order!


Is this badass or what?!

I have been so busy with life and Jack that I haven't been doing ANY crafting! It's been so strange, but fairly relaxing. I have three swaps on the go and haven't started a single thing for them! I also have a slew of birthdays coming up, including Jack's, and haven't started any presents! Yesterday I stated a skimboard bag for my husband. It was supposed to be for father's day, however I doubt I'll get it done in time. Here is the outer part of the bag. It still needs a pocket and some straps. I have sewn the vinyl lining so that will be the last thing to put in. Alright I'm off to my knitting group to start another present!!

More Shrink Stuff

Ok I scraped together a bit of remenant shrink plastic to make myself a necklace for tonight! And here it is! I can't really sell it as it's a Sailor Jerry girl, but I am thinking of making some zombie pin up necklaces! I can't wait! I just got the printable shrink stuff so maybye i'll make LOTS!

New Blog

So I had to start a new momy blog ...... something went wrong with my "Adventure's In Mommyland" blog. So here is the link to my new blog:

Shoot From the Hips

Shrink Swap



Here is what I made my partner for the shrink swap! I really like it and would love to make one for myself, maybe bigger and different colors though!

Scrumble Scrumble

So I have completed my first "scrumbled" piece of art work for the gallery! It's 14" by 12". It's made from recycled shirts, scarves and yarn. I think it turned out really well! I can't wait to see if the curator likes it! The piece is called "Icarus" after the greek legend of icarus flying too close to the sun and having his wings melt off.

What do we all think??

For that matter who reads this anyways? Speak up!!

Running Out!

Help! I am running out of shrink plastic! What's a girl to do. I always hate going to Michael's, I just buy too much junk wneh I'm there! I am just about to bake my piece for the Shrink Swap, then I believe I'll be taking a break from shrinking plastics for a while. I want to get back into sewing. Also I want to get back into my Etsy Shop again! I'm planning on making some baby bonnets with the tattoo fabric as well as some sugar skull fabric and rose and skull fabric! They are going to be pretty cute! Not too much going on in the craft/art department. I was supposed to be working on something last night, but decided t spend the time with the ol' man. We've been spending a lot of time together lately, mostly out in the garden, but it's been fun!!

Lots O' Shrinkin'

I have been doing a lot of shrink plastic jewlery and such so here is everything. Most stuff is available on my etsy site: