Frightful Frockss to Goddess Gown

The Goddess Gown:

From These Frightful Frocks:

Wow this was a lot of work, but tons of fun!!! I started with three super ugly moo moos (about $15 total), cut them into strips and sewed each strip together to make my own "yarn". Then I designed the pattern, doubled up my homemade "fightful frock yarn" with some nice grey silky yarn and crochetted for a few hours until voila! the goddess gown was born!! It's the most comfortable, cozy, sensual dress I've ever worn! The pattern is done in a fairly open stitch, so I'll wear a grey slip under it. The gown has got a lot of weight to it, and the bottom of the dress really kicks up when I walk, it's almost cartoonish! The dress is for my husband's Christmas party. When I wore it to the event it looked great but because the bottom was so heavy, it dragged on the ground and a few times my heels got caught in the holes and sent me flying ...... not too graceful, but funny! I had to zip into the bathroom and unravel a few rows to make it safer and easier to move around in! hehe... it was pretty funny!

Lino Prints

Here are some lno prints I've done in the past....... i'm starting it up again and will post soon!

So Much Going on!!

I'm working on lots of fun stuff right now! Some xmas scarves and hats as well as reindeer and other toys for my wee friends. Sadly i haven't made anything for my own son for xmas, but 'm going to try to make either an elephant or a flying pig! oh and i finished my dress for the craftster challenge and my husbands xmas party!! i'l do a sepereate post for that with all the photos!