Baby Blanket Finished!

Here are the photos of the baby blanket I finished for my cousin! We found out she had a girl, so I think the blanket fits nicely! The little jellyfish were a lot of work, but well worth it I think!

No Photos!

Well I have finished a few projects though the cord for my camera has dissapeared so I'm share the photos later! I've finished the cute crochet dress for my neighbor's girl ,and prety well finished the baby blanket for my cousin! yay!! Also I came up with a great design for new neckwarmers for the fall/winter!

Crochet Crochet Crochet

I have a full summer of crochet lined up for myself! I decided to give sewing a rest and make some baby blankets and a toddler dress! I'm more than half way done the dress and just have to complete the border on the first baby blanket! After that I am going to try my hand at designing some fall/winter hats! We'll see how that goes!

Five Lino Carvings

These are the five lino carvings i did for the swap!

Never Ending

I am so used to the instant gratification that is amigurumi! Right now I am working on a crochet baby blanket for some one and it feels as though it taking FOREVER! I know the last one i did (swirl baby blanket) took forever because it was in tons of pieces, but this one that is worked all in one piece, doesn't seem to be growing at a fast enough pace! I guess i will just have to have patience ..... or stay up til midnight finishing it! I'm doubting the later will happen as I've been up since 5am with my son! i'll post photos of the blanket once i've got more done ......... oh and for some reason my "ongoing project" list is GONE!!! I'll have to figure that one out when I return home!

Oh and a HYDRA!!!

Here's the hyrda i made for melissa's b-day! she loved it so much she was giddy!


So I made this little guy for a swap. he is from the show, "Invader Zim". I think he's a pretty cute robot!

Not a Slacker!

See, look!! I really have been doing stuff! Still some of my stuff i can't post, or the secret will be revealed, but here are some projects I've finished lately! Oh and if you are my 50's B Movie SWAP PARTNER ...... don't look at the last few!!

My New Dress

Hair I Did

Hair I helped Do

Lino Cuts of Frankenstein and Bride

Frankenstein Inspired Bag