EERRRRGGGHHH! I'm sick and had so much I wanted to do this week! I have, though, almost completed two more heartfelts so I'm not totally incapasitated (wrong spelling i am sure)! Ok I'm going to bed .........


so here are my new scarflettes!

Too Busy For Words!

I have had a really productive week so far! I've made 3 1/2 more scarflettes (or neckwarmers) like my gren one. I'll post photos when we actally get around to taking photos! Also I'v been exploring my art and where i want it to go. I was heading in this certain direction, but was feeling a bit lost and the i discovered something called "steampunk". it is a sci-fi type of art that takes place in victorian times and steam is the main power of things. bt it's a lot more complicated than that. anyways i realized that i've always liked steampunk realted stuff ( like city of lost children, gears, planes, etc.) and now i know hwere i want to take my art! is i've started sketching and coming up with some brilliant plans! i will have to see how this all pans out! Oh and good news! my crochet sculture is FINALLY dry and fairly stiff! now i just have to paint it a bit more and laquer it, then phtograph the finished results! i have another crochet sculpture that i am about to start, however it doesn't need to be stiff, so that's a relief! Oh and today i made a cute set for chels's friend who is having a baby soon. the little character is a rattle! i made a set like this before, only in navy and cream! Oh and I finished my painting for the birthday party tomorrow! what will i be up to next? no idea!!!

List Making

A few weeks ago I decided that the act of list making was taking away from the actual things I wanted to accomplish on said lists. So I stopped writing lists all toegther! I have since realized that was a big no-no for me! I forgot about all the prjects I had started and began new ones! So now I am back to list making and more than that ....... organizing and getting rid of some stuff! I am selling my PEZ collection, minus a few I simply must keep! I've totally reorganized my desk; even making a drawer divider for all my small desk items. Also I get Cory and myself to go through all our DVD's and get rid of 1/3 of them!! To help me oragnize little things I've put up a bulliton board. I've dedicated one area of the board to "This Weeks' Goal". Seeing my weekly goal written down will keep me focused. This week's goal is : "Purge and Oragnize everything you own BEFORE you purchase anything new!" So no more buying things!! I have a lot of organizing to do! And what I've gotten rid of so far makes me feel great! So yesterday and today I haven't done any projects. It's kind of a nice break. Though through all this organizing, I've discovered so many new ways I want to improve our house!! One day I'll get there! Alright off to do some more organizing!

A Break ....

I've been slacking BIG TIME! I'm finding some of the things i am doing to be rather difficult, or just boring, so I'v stopped doing things..... almost! Yesterday i made a neckwarmer/collar. It was a rectangle so required little brainpower or creativity! I'm really struggling with my crochet sculpture, but finally think i have found the answer! Nothing has been able to make it rock hard, so I am going to turn to resin! Like the kind used to coat a table..... this could get messy! I feel like I need to figure out what I have going on and stop half of my projects .... but which ones to focs on are the problem! I know I should finish the baby blanket (it was supposed to be an xmas present!!) and I should finish some more toys for my shop. Today my "Art of Resin Jewelry" book came in the mail and now I want to abandon everything to try jewelry making........ sadly none of the supplies I need seem to be available in Victoria! So I must put that on the back burner and just sketch my ideas for now! We'll see what happens tomorrow.

My New Projects!

So here are my two newest projects that i've completed! I love the birthday collage a lot! This was my first time taking collage seriously, and it was great fun! I finally figured out a good way to incorperate crochet into my paintings as well! I glued the fancy paper i used for the branches, on the sides, so i don't have to frame it! The next project is my first pull toy, though sadly he doesn't actually have working wheels ( i plan to work on that!). He was a lot of work, but well worth it! I've decided to sell him on my etsy shop as a decorative item. also i am thinking of dropping the whole "Jack-A-Ruu" name and just putting all my creations under "Homespun Sun" . I think it might get too complicated having two business names! What does everyone think of that??

-ooooh i just got my new amigurumi book in the mail today!! so you'll be seeing some cute critters soon!

So Many Things Accomplished!

I am so happy with how this weekend has been going! I am putting the finishing touches on 2 major projects! One is my prototype pull toy that is also going to be a gift for my friend's new baby boy! The second project is my birthday collage for my friend's daughter's first birthday! It's too late to take photos, so I'll add more tomorrow. Also Chels finished my banner for my etsy store! Next week I thnk we may be going up to TNM, which will be a much deserved break! I've promised Cory that there will be no yarn on the trip! I feel like a need a vacation from crafting after all the xmas gifts and now the business beginings! Two new projects that I hope to start next week are making a mexican day of the dead diorama and also venturing into the realm of resin casting! I've been wanting to make a diorama for a few years now, so that will be fullfilling. The resin is a new craft inspired by the many postings on craftster! Alright time to finish cleaning up and head to bed, and the best part is that it's my turn to sleep in tomorrow morning!!!

New Directions!

(sorry about the flash photos! it's nighttime!)

I've been going in a diferent direction this past week. More towards collage and art! I'm currently working on a piece for my friend's baby's first birthday! Also I'm brainstorming for a large piece that will take up one of my bare kitchen walls. I've been doing some bodies and ears for different heartflet critters, but have noe desire to crochet arms and legs or them at this point in time. I've come up with a cute design for my pull along toys, and have started two of them! Other than that I've just been trying to balance homelife with my ongoing projects! An what of my person project for this week? I suppose it's going to be my birthdya collage....however that might be a two-week project!

Proper Representation

Alright I've now added proper photos to my ETSY SHOP !! Check them out! Also I've been doing even MORE brainstorming!!

New Years Goals

My, my I've come up with some wonderful ideas for this coming year! I've finally opened my ETSY shop ( will start working on some projects for my business! I've decided to focus on a few toys and also some bags. Tonight Chels is coming over to help design my new logo for my line!! I'm so excited about that! I've also decided to try and complete one personal (not related to the business) project a week.

I was inspired by A Marvelous Trousseau . This woman is going to make one outfit a week for the year!! Wow, most of my person projects are going to be pretty small! Anyways so here is my first personal project of the new year, a cute cropped cardigan! I started it on January 2nd and finished it up late last night!

It's from a pattern found here . I changed the bottom stitch from a sheel to a puff and like it a lot better, also the puff stitch is much faster!