Taking it Easy

This has been a pretty good week so far! I haven't really been doing any crafts or art. It's a nice change. I did do the punk bunny stamp, but that's about it! Today Cory assembled the shelving unit in Jacks' closet and then we all organized and purged in the garage. Now we have a rug and counch in the garage! It's a nice hang out spot, just needs a coat of paint and it'll be perfect! Tonight I'm going out with my sister and some friends .... something I rarely do! Then (hopefully) tommorrow I'll be getting a haircut! I'm going for a Louise Brooks bob I think! Before I go out tonight I might chop my fringe as it's down to my lips! Yesterday I bought some fabric to finish up and start a couple projects! I'm making a super cute ruffled apron or my sister, starting on the day of the dead table runners and finally getting to the old school tattoo diaper bag! I'm really excited about the diaper bag because it's a neat shape for a diaper bag! I'll post pictures as I go along. So it sounds like I'm taking a break from crochet stuff and heading into the sewing world! It's been far too long!