Lino Printing Instructions

Printing Instructions

Materials Required:

Speedball Water Soluble Ink

Speedball Roller


Lino Carving

Shiny Cardboard (such as a cereal box) or plate of flat glass (from a picture frame)

Before you start make sure that your lino carving is clean and dry.

Step One:

Place a small amount of ink on the center of your cardboard or glass

Step Two:

Place the roller on the ink and roll vertically as well as horizontally, spreading the ink so it is as wide as the roller is. Continue rolling until the ink on your cardboard/glass looks like an orange peel

Step Three:

Immediately roll the ink onto your block (ink can dry fast depending on temperature).so that all the raised areas are thoroughly coated with ink.

Step Four:

There are two ways of pulling a print now. The first one is as follows- Place paper on table and flip lino carving over so ink side is facing down. Place the lino carving on the paper and press down evenly without shifting the carving (otherwise it causes smudging). To remove lino carving from paper. Hold the edges of the paper with one hand and pull lino carving up without shifting.

The second is as follows – Leave you lino carving with the ink facing you. Place your paper on the lino carving and press down, evenly and firmly without shifting the paper or bending the edges over the lino carving. I use the back of a large spoon for this method. Carefully peel the paper off the lino carving, without shifting.

You may need to do a few pulls before you get the right amount of ink and pressure when printing. Re ink your lino carving for each pull. When adding more ink to your cardboard/glass add a very small amount, so you maintain that orange peel texture.

Happy Printing!


Thanks for the tutorial :)