Busy Bumble Bee

I've been sewing up a storm lately! i've finished two elephants .... one of which is in my son's bed right now! The other is getting mailed to a friend's baby soon. Also I finished my leopard print dress for my husband's xmas party ...... it was a hit! I got lots of great comments on it! Now I am doing a couple crafts for xmas. I got a great pattern from planetjune on etsy.com for a baby beluga, so plan to make one for jackson and one for his cousin sarah. Then i have to sew on a couple cirle appliques to a dress and finish Jack's quilt. i am finally going to have a day to myself again when jackson goes to daycare on friday, so i should get some progress made. We only have 18 days left until our xmas travel marathon begins so I've tried to to give myself too much to do. I went to stay with my mom for a few days and made some fitted sheets for the baby bassinet that our new one will sleep in. What else??? that's about it for now! I'll get some photos on here!