I've been crochetting so much I've worked up a blister!! Haha ..... I am getting ready to do a craft fair this fall so am trying to get at least three items finished a week. I am working on hats, scarves and wrap/scarves right now and when i am sick of those I'll move on to some cute critters! I haven't been able to take and photos as our camera is on the fritz, but soon I'll post some photos, even if it is just some work in progress shots! I ordered some business cards finally for my shop! They are mini cards from and feature different photos of my past creations. I am so excited to have real business cards! I've seen people that I want to talk to and give out a card, but I just feel so unprofesional having homemade cards! An believe me, my homemade cards are pretty bad! Anyways that's all that is going on right now. Oh my sister and I have officially quite her dress. It is a HUGE pain in the butt, so I think my sis is going to as my mom to finish it! Mom to the rescue again! My sewing machine is now collecting dust and I crochet my little heart out!


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