We're Back!

I tried to blog a couple of times while we were in the UK, to no avail. So here we are back at home! Nice and early too! I am getting al the photos from our camera, onto the computer right now, so tommorrow I'll post photos! We are pretty tired, but happily made our connecting flight from vancouver to victoria! If we had missed the flight we would be taking the ferry and not getting in until late this evening. So we had a great time. London was overwhelming and I got sick (food poisoning i think) and ended up in the hospital, due to not being able to keep anything down and feinting. London was realy hot and humid and our room was a bit dank and had no air-con, so we boiled! Even though I was out of commision for a good while we managed to see and do A LOT in London. Oh and the same day that I got sick jack got sick too. At the breakfast buffet in our hotel, he threw up al over Cory ..... terrible! But after that Jack was better. Our second hotel in London was much better and in a better location, so that half of the experience was better! We drove from London all the way to Dumfries (where my Nana lives) in just one day! We'd planned to stop in or near Manchester, but decided to keep going as Jack was being quite good in the car. Oh and they upgraded our rental car so we got a very nice Vauxhall Zafia! We took it pretty easy the first couple days in Dumfries, but after that went out on lots of adventures to castles, farms and many pubs! It was so nice to stay with my Nana, and feel relaxed and comfortable! I have so much more to say, but my hands are sore from typing so I'll write more tommorrow! Take care!