I am torn in a lot of different directions right now. I want to spend less time crafting, but i love it so much. why do i want to spend less time crafting? because it's summer and i can live outside most of the day!! cory and i are getting our garden in order and spending a lot of time at the beach. I still have quite a few projects that i MUST finish for birthdays and what not. Also I have quite a few craft swaps on the go! I really need to update my progress bar on this site! I'm finishing up the rockabilly swap monday and also a birthday present for a friend's daughter. After that I have a shrink plastic swap, and a 50's B-Movie swap going on! Not to mention my son's birthday and about 3 other kid's birthdays! So I have to get my butt in gear and do some crafting!! I have promised my husband no more swaps this summer (except the alphabet ATC's as it's a series!) so that will put an end to much of my crafting. Alright off to finish a bag or two! oh and if you are loking for my mommy blog:

Tanya's Adventures in Mommyland