Whirl Wind

I have been caught up in a great whirl wind of activity! I was in Nanaimo the weekend before last, then spent most of last week in Vancouver. This weekend I was busy working on stuff for one of my swaps and making things for our upcoming trip. The trip to the UK is coming so much faster than I imagined! I have almost finished my GIANT carry on bag and completed one sleep mask for myself. I've cut out the fabric for Jack's passport cover and hope to get that done this week. We have been having a great time together as a little family, it's so great how capable Jackson is now! We have also run into some more terrible temper tantrums though. On Granville Island Jack had a flailing, screaming, running fit that lasted for over 10 minutes ...... it was scarey as I was by myself and the only way off the island was by the slly little boats that run there. I felt helpless and very trapped, something I haven't ever felt! Motherhood sure is a ride!