Frightful Frockss to Goddess Gown

The Goddess Gown:

From These Frightful Frocks:

Wow this was a lot of work, but tons of fun!!! I started with three super ugly moo moos (about $15 total), cut them into strips and sewed each strip together to make my own "yarn". Then I designed the pattern, doubled up my homemade "fightful frock yarn" with some nice grey silky yarn and crochetted for a few hours until voila! the goddess gown was born!! It's the most comfortable, cozy, sensual dress I've ever worn! The pattern is done in a fairly open stitch, so I'll wear a grey slip under it. The gown has got a lot of weight to it, and the bottom of the dress really kicks up when I walk, it's almost cartoonish! The dress is for my husband's Christmas party. When I wore it to the event it looked great but because the bottom was so heavy, it dragged on the ground and a few times my heels got caught in the holes and sent me flying ...... not too graceful, but funny! I had to zip into the bathroom and unravel a few rows to make it safer and easier to move around in! hehe... it was pretty funny!


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